Hello,  Welcome to my site and Thank you for visiting.  I’m honored that you took the time to search me out and see what I have to offer.  Ms. Laura’s Cakes is a bakery boutique.  What does it mean to be a boutique?  Well, it simply means that I personally work with each of my clients one on one to serve them with my gifts and talents which just happen to be in baking.  I have known since I was in middle school that this is what I was called to do in life.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.  I love baking and decorating.   It’s my desire to create deserts that help you to celebrate the milestone moments in your life.   And even if that just means a cupcake on your way home after a stressful day. I’m good with that too.

Ms. Laura’s Cakes is a licensed health inspected bakery.   The bakery is attached to my home which is commercially zoned.   My husband and I converted a room downstairs into a commercial kitchen and I added on my consultation room in 2005 during one of my husbands deployments.  I am inspected by the state health department and carry all the necessary licenses, registration, insurance and am registered with the State of Ok.  Ms. Laura’s Cakes is not just a hobby for me.  It is my profession and Passion.

I do not have employees or interns.  All of my cakes are created by me for you.  I buy all my own supplies, wash my own dishes and answer all of my emails.  You can be sure that when you connect with me I am the only person who will be dealing with your needs. As a result I am often booked well in advance so you will want to get on my schedule early.  This business is how I earn a living for my family.  I take on as much work as I can possibly handle before turning away orders.  If you contact me and I have to tell you I’m booked please do not take it personally or as an insult.  I want to work for everyone but I can only do so much.  I want to be sure that your cake is created the way you want it and not something I had to rush through because I had more orders to fill. You deserve to have not only a cake that tastes great but looks great too.


Sunday. CLOSED,  Monday 9-3, Tuesday 9-6, Wednesday CLOSED, Thursday 9-6

Friday 9-3, Saturday 8:30-10 AM (I close sharply at 10 AM this is wedding cake day)


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