Flavors and Pricing

Cake Flavors

Vanilla,  Vanilla bean,   Amaretto,   Red Velvet,   Chocolate,   Chocolate chip,   Strawberry,                 Lemon,   Coconut,   Peanut Butter,   Key Lime,   Pink Lemonade,   Country apple,                     Pumpkin,   Cookies and Cream,    Chocolate coffee,   Pink Champagne,                           Southern butter Pecan,   Lemon Poppyseed , Lemon Blueberry,  blackberry wine, vanilla cookies and cream (made w/vanilla oreos), white cinnamon hazelnut, chocolate chip cookie and cream, Marble (vanilla & choc. swirled),   Italian cream (has coconut and pecans),  White chocolate almond,  Jack Daniels Butterscotch, White chocolate marshmallow, White chocolate peppermint, Humming bird (banana, coconut, pineapple, pecans), white cinnamon hazelnut, Carrot (has coconut and walnuts), Mimosa (orange, champagne), coconut creme’ brûlée, strawberry cream, oatmeal cream pie, biscoff cookie and cream, banana toffee, s’mores, orange creamsicle, pistachio (with notes of orange and dark chocolate)

Fillings  ( goes between your cake layers) 


Strawberry,       Raspberry,      Blueberry,      Lemon,      Apricot,      Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Bavarian cream,      Cream cheese,      Peach,      Pineapple,      Fudge,  Cherry,  Irish cream,      Cinnamon cream,      Kahlua cream,      Cookies and cream,   Twinkie (a.k.a buttercream frosting),      Caramel cream,      Butterscotch cream,      Vanilla cookie and cream,      Chocolate chip cookie and cream,      Pecan Praline cream,      Jack Daniels butterscotch cream,     Toasted Marshmallow, white choc. mousse,     Almond cream,   Strawberry cream, mascarpone mousse ( can also add chocolate or salted caramel to this),  Cannoli cream. Cheese cake mousse, Oatmeal cream pie, biscoff cookie and cream,  toffee cream, strawberry mousse.


All cakes are frosted with buttercream , Fondant is an option for an added cost, Chocolate Ganache upon request and standard on all Ding dong cakes.

GLUTEN FREE ( WARNING not celiac safe) There will be a price increase on GF

Available in , vanilla,      chocolate,      chocolate chip,      Chocolate Coffee,      red velvet, Amaretto,      Strawberry,      Key lime,      White chocolate almond,      vanilla bean, Lemon,     Lemon poppyseed,      White chocolate marshmallow,      pink lemonade,          Butterscotch,      Country Apple,     Pumpkin,    White cinnamon hazelnut,

Vegan  Available on request

Wedding Cake Pricing (Prices subject to change without notice)

Any price quotes given without a signed contract will expire after 7 days.

Click the link below for wedding cake pricing   Base price is listed only.  Degree of decoration will change pricing.

cake size combinations website pdf

I do offer wedding cake delivery.   Delivery cost is based on location of reception.

 Party cake pricing only ( Prices subjet to change without notice )

Round and Square cakes are 4  torted/sliced layers of cake and 3 layers of filling, standard 4″ tall      

 Prices vary based on design of cake.  Each cake is custom priced

8″ round Themed party cake starts at $45     8″ square Themed party cake starts at $75

10″ round Themed party cake starts at $75. 10″ square Themed party cake starts at $95.

Sheet cakes are torted/sliced cake with 1 layer of filling, standard 2″ tall

1/4 sheet cake Party cake (serves 12-15 party servings)  starts at $55. (degree of decoration will change price) (can have 1  flavor of cake and 1 filling option)

1/2 sheet cake  party cake (serves 25-30 party servings) starts at $75 (degree of decoration may change price) ( can have 2 flavors of cake and 2 filling options)

Full sheet cake Party cake (serves 80 party servings) starts at $120. (degree of decoration may change price) (can have 2 flavors of cake and 2 filling options)

Kitchen Cakes for Weddings. ( Only available  With the purchase of a wedding cake of at least 50 servings)  vanilla or chocolate only with 1 filling.  (these are for extra servings only , have no decoration. they are plain iced)      1/4 sheet serves 15 $50 (custom cake flavor add $5),            1/2 sheet serves 30 $65 (custom cake flavor at $10), .                                                                      Full sheet serves 80 $100. (custom cake flavors add $20)


Single layer 12″ round cookie cake starts at $20

double layer 12″ round cookie cake with twinkie filling starts at $40

1/2 sheet single layer cookie cake starts at $40

1/2 sheet double layer cookie cake with filling starts at $80

Lemon bars and Brownies   $18 per dz.

Cake balls $10per dz.,    decorated cake balls start at $18 per dz. (vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, or mix)   other flavors are 3dz minimum to order.


Cake pops Start at $12 per dz.  degree of decoration will change pricing.IMG_1178 IMG_8311

Drop cookies (choc. chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter) $10 per dz. (minimum 2 dz. per flavor to order)

French Macrons  $24 per dz. ( minimum 2dz to order)

Mini Pies  $48 per dz.   (minimum 1 flavor per dz per to order)

Decorated chocolate covered Oreos start at $36 per dz (1dz minimum to order) degree of decoration may change price


Mini cake parfait cups in clear disposable container 3oz with mini spoon $36 per dz ( 1 dz minimum 1 flavor)


Mini creme brulee $48 per dz (1 dz minimum)

Mini Bundt cakes $48 dz (1 dz minimum)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $24 per Dz.  message me for pricing on Decorated strawberries.


AFTERNOON SNACK    3 dz  WARM Chocolate Chip cookies delivered fresh from the oven to your home or office, Okmulgee area $33 plus tax  Morris Area $36.00 plus tax.    Tuesday and Thursday Only 1-4 pm Cookie delivery

Decorated sugar cookies start at $36 per dz.  degree of decoration will change price. (Minimum 1dz to order) email me with description/photo of what you are wanting and I can give you a quote.


Cupcakes from the display case (walk in only) are $2.00ea. or $24dz.  . All Custom order cupcakes start at $36 per dz..   Degree of decoration will change price.  (minimum 2 dz. for custom order) email me with a description/photo of what you are wanting for a quote.

3D carved cakes minimum 30 servings to order, start at $250. (price will change based on degree of decoration and servings needed.  email me with description/photo of what you are wanting for a quote.