Wedding cakes

Come in all shapes and sizes, tall, short, round, square, heart shape, even hexagon and petal shapes are available.  I allow each of my couples to tell me what they are looking for and together we create their wedding cake based on the look and style they have envisioned for their big day.  I always try to keep couples within their serving needs and try to work with budgets as much as possible.  As with themed grooms cakes keep in mind the more elaborate the design and number of servings the more the cake will cost.  Here is my typical thought process that may help you decide how much cake you need.  A few things to consider.  1. Will you be serving alcohol?  If yes,  keep in mind some folks (guys) will drink beer and not eat cake.  It’s been my experience most men are not sweet eaters when it comes to cake.  cookies & bownies on the other hand is another story.  If you have cookies and brownies displayed they will eat them but are not so likely to make a point of eating cake unless they are SWEET eaters.  So plan cake for 1/3 less of your guest for cake.  2. If your wedding is in the afternoon say 2pm  your guests only expect cake and punch so plan cake for everyone.   3.  Keep your wedding time in mind evening weddings  may not cut cake till almost  9pm.  You may lose some of your guests because A. they have children to get to bed or B. don’t like to drive in the dark may leave before its too late.  These people factor into the cake for 1/3 less of the guest count.   No need to get a cake for every person because every person will not eat cake.   Though I would love to sell you a cake for 100% of your guest count and will if that is what you would like.   I just personally don’t think it is necessary.

Wedding Cake Pricing (Prices subject to change without notice)

Any price quotes given without a signed contract will expire after 5 days.

Click the link below for wedding cake pricing , cake size combinations website

cake size combinations website pdf

I do offer wedding cake delivery.   Delivery cost is based on location of reception.

Grooms cakes

I can create just about anything you would like for your “grooms” cake. Below are some examples of what I have done so you can see what my hands create. From sheet cakes to 3D carved cakes.  Keep in mind a grooms cake doesn’t have to be cake.  If you  likes cookies do a cookie cake, or brownie cake, maybe the you likes pie, then have pies.  There is no rule that you have to have a “grooms” cake.  The wedding reception is a reflection of the Coupole’s likes. If you prefer donuts have donuts. Or a cake shaped and decorated like a donut.  You can bring me photos of your ideas or custom create your own cake.  Let your personality, likes & hobbies be known to your wedding guests through your cake.  Cake pricing is based on design and size.  (just remember, the more elaborate the cake and design the more it will cost.)

While your planning the greatest party you will ever plan for yourself.  Why not have selfie cookie favors for all your guests that look like you. (1st two photos below) I can do that.  $35 design fee and cookies are $1 each.  Thats probably the least costly wedding favor you can get.  And it’s super unique.          Or I can do cookies with your monogram or other design as well.  Here are some examples. (Prices vary based on design)