Geode Love

This past weekend  1-20-18 Leah and Barrett Brobst were united in bliss at the Pearl District building in downtown Tulsa.  Barrett wanted a blue Geode  cake and I was totally on board.  A Geode cake?  Whats that you ask.  Well a Geode occurs in volcanic rocks. they have crystals inside and you don’t know what color they are until you break them open.  Very pretty, very sparkly.  (I love sparlky things).  And they are very unique.  We decided to do  sizes in round 6″ a double barrell (8″ thick) 8″ , 10″ and a 12″ bottom. With a blue marbled fondant for the covering of the cake and gold tracings and accents.  These cakes take a little more time to make than a traditional cake for sure but boy do they stand out in a crowd. In the most delicious way of course.  Here are some photos from that night. Some FUN dancing, dinner (I hear they had Ikes chili) and of course cake for dessert.

A few of my fellow Tulsa wedding society colleuges were on hand for this wedding ensuring that everyting went as planned Tulsa Wedding and Design for coordination. Photography by Andrea Murphy Photography, I can hardly wait to see what she saw from her side of the lense. Andrea takes such romantic photographs. DJ Was Lions Road I saw a video he posted that he also brought some salsa lessons to the dancing fun.  I might add that Leah also received $100 free from The Tulsa Wedding Society for using 4 members of the Tulsa Wedding Society for her wedding day.  It’s called the Passport program. you should go to their website and check it out.   Flowers were done by Chrome cowgirls in Oologah. To see a photo of Leah with her FREE $100 click this link. The Tulsa wedding Society FB page.

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