How many servings?


Are you planning a wedding?  If so you will be asked this question by every baker. How many servings of cake are you needing? I am here to help you figure out the answer.

First lets talk about cake servings.  My cake serving is the standard wilton size 1″ X 2″ slice.  A standard wedding cake tier is 4″ thick sometimes a little thicker but never less than 4″.   Attached you will see a photo of an actual slice of cake and I’m attaching a cutting guide for you to see how the servings come out of each tier.  Round , Square , and Sheet cake.


When determining how many cake servings you will need there are a few questions we need to ask first.

  1. Will you be serving alochol?  If yes, plan cake for 2/3rds of your attending guests. Some people will drink alochol and not eat cake.
  2. Are you going to have a grooms cake? If yes.  On average reserve about 40-50 servings for the grooms cake. More if the groom has something bigger in mind.
  3. What time is the wedding? If your wedding is at 2pm and you’re not serving alochol plan cake for everyone.   If your wedding is in the evening, you’re serving dinner, and serving alochol plan cake for 2/3rds of the guest.  The reasoning behind this is that guys will drink beer and not eat cake, and some guests may leave before you do the cake cutting. You will always have those who are dieting, or have food allergies who won’t eat cake.

So lets say 200 guests R.S.V.P to be at your wedding.  It’s at 6pm with food and drinks. And you want a sheet cake with your monogram on it for the grooms cake (40 servings for a 1/2 sheet)   That means you can plan on a Brides cake to serve just over 100.  There are a few sizes you can choose from for the brides cake.

What shape cake would you like?  Round, Square, hexagon, heart shape, petal shape, or a mix.  lets for now just go with round and square options.

A small 3 tier round 6,8,10 will serve 74  the same sizes in squre will serve 100. (Square cake dimentionaly serves more than a round cake.)


The smallest 4 tier round 6,8,10,12 serves 130, A 4 tier square in the same size serves 172

navy and goldIMG_5997

I have a complete list of sizes and servings on my website so that you can look and start getting ideas about what size would work best for you.  I hope this helps.

Happy Wedding planning.

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